I'm an Assistant Professor in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University in Toronto. My research focuses on wildfire management (with a smattering of EMS, aviation safety, and other disasters for good measure). I'm especially interested in decision-making under uncertainty and the ways that emergency management organizations produce and use knowledge.

This website has two purposes:

First, it has all the typical information about me, the courses I teach, my research, my CV, media appearances, and a program I run called "Science Outside the Lab."

Second, I blog actively about current research in wildfire management in hopes of connecting cutting-edge research with practitioners who can actually use it. You can access these blog posts with the leftward-pointing arrow or the search feature above.

I'm always open for media inquiries, feedback on the blog posts, suggestions of research I should cover, and inquiries from prospective students or collaborators. You can find my contact information on my official profile at York University or connect with me on Twitter.